Parenting Tweens and Teens

As a therapist I am sure you can imagine that I have heard and seen many things when it comes to parenting. I have been asked many questions, and have been given many opinions on parenting. What I have observed is that while much of what people say to me, or tell me is very much good intentions, but is often not what the parent does. Not that the parents are bad people or have horrible skills when it comes to parenting, but many do not like to appear in a not so shinny light when they bring their children/teens in to see me. One thing I do with all of my clients is give them a way to reach me if they need to. I am not the type of therapist that takes unending phone calls like the poor fellow in the movie What About Bob, but I do make myself available to my clients, within reason. I will paint a picture of what that can look like. In my office during the first session I usually make that a time of getting to the reason for the parent to want the child/teen to be seen by a therapist. M
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